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Re-established in 2014, Aura Coffee offers specialty beverages, delicious teas, real fruit smoothies, handmade treats, and love and support for all.

Located across the street from the University of North Texas, we are proud to serve students, professors, staff and the community of Denton. We try our best to remain affordable, accessible, inclusive and inviting, and to celebrate the diverse and beautiful community of which we are honored to be a part. 


After several incarnations, the shop known as Big Mike's Coffee became Aura Coffee and has stood dedicated to serving specialty beverages and food for years. 

In 2019, the staff unionized with support of ownership and management, assuring a positive and worker-first shop that withstands the stresses of local business.


In the same year, Aura adopted a local community theatre company looking to find a home for their productions. Sundown Collaborative Theatre has put on more than 3 shows in the space, and Aura is grateful for their trust and continuing artistic drive.