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catering prices and policies

We are happy to provide coffee and snack catering services for your upcoming event, meeting, baby shower, D&D game, karate tournament, whatever! For any questions not answered here, please feel free to call or email us.

What's included?

Each pot serves about 8 people when portioned into 8oz cups.

Cups, lids, straws, stir-sticks, sugar packets, cream and/or non-dairy milk, and napkins are included free with each order upon request.

No extra fee for orders made with love.


If you would like the coffee delivered, we charge a $15 set-up fee.

Pots must be returned the same day.

$40 charge for broken pots.

Orders must be placed at least 24 hours in advance.

We can accommodate tax exempt orders.

drink prices

Drip Coffee: $18/pot

Cold Brew: $20/pot

Tea: $20/pot

Flavored Syrup: $5/16oz bottle

Snack prices

Half Muffin: $1.50 each

Fruit: $1 per piece

Granola or Fruit Bar: $1 per bar

How to place an order

If this all sounds good to you, give us a call or stop by the shop to place your order. Payments will be accepted at the time of pickup at our point of sale. We hope to hear from you soon

Thank you!

order example

For a staff meeting of 20 people, an order could include:

2 pots of coffee
1 pot of Earl Grey tea
24 cups and lids
1 bottle of half & half
1 bottle of oat milk
1 bottle of lavender syrup

Total: $59

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