Signature Drinks 

Kool Keith
Our original signature drink. A double shot of espresso, whole milk and handmade coconut and vanilla syrups over ice. 
Ziggy Stardust
For the dreamers.
A double shot of espresso, creamy soymilk with sweet Almond Roca syrup served over ice.
Horchata Iced Coffee
Our dairy- and soy-free
horchata is made with rice milk, coconut milk, house cinnamon syrup and our cold-brew coffee base. 
Drip Coffee
  • 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz and a discounted refill price 

  • Hologram - grab a double shot of our house espresso. Served with Topo Chico mineral water 

Iced Coffee
  • Cold Brew - our specialty 14-hour cold brewed iced coffee. 

Lattes and Cappuccinos
  • Lattes - house or single-origin espresso with steamed milk
    served in 8, 12, and 16 oz cups or mugs

  • Iced lattes - espresso and milk over ice
    available in 16 oz 

  • Traditional cappuccino - beautiful milkfoam and espresso 
    served in a 4 oz cup

    Whole milk, skim milk, half and half, soy milk, oat milk and coconut milk available!

  • Our house or single-origin espressos cut with water

  • available in 8, 12, and 16 oz hot sizes, and a 16 oz cold size

Cortados & Macchiatos
  • Cortados served in glass gibraltars 

  • Macchiatos served in a 3 oz demitasse

  • Whole milk, skim milk, half and half, soy milk, oat milk and coconut milk available!

Chai Lattes
  • Our house-made chai base with your choice of milk.

  • Available in 8, 12, and 16 oz hot sizes or a 16 oz iced size.

    Whole milk, skim milk, half and half, soy milk, oat milk and coconut milk available!

Our smoothies 

the Aura
Blueberries, strawberries and bananas blended with honey and cranberry juice.
the Bruce
Bananas, blueberries and mango blended with oat milk.
Matcha Mango
Mango, coconut milk,
honey and pure matcha powder. 
Build your own
Choose any combination of fruits and bases to build your perfect smoothie
oat milk
soy milk
coconut milk
pineapple juice
cranberry juice
apple juice

Teas & Sodas

Grapefruit Green Tea
Green tea, hibiscus tea, a hint of sugar and the fresh-squeezed juice of two grapefruits. 
Italian Soda
Topo Chico mineral water with your choice of ANY of our selection of house-made or selected syrups, with a hint of cream floated on top.  
Holy Kombucha
Tart and complex kombucha from the Holy Kombucha company in Dallas, TX. 
Rotating selection.
Hot and Iced Loose-leaf Teas
Our curated selection of loose-leaf teas can be made iced or hot.
English Breakfast
Earl Grey 
Moroccan Mint Green
Gunpowder Green
Brooklyn Black tea 
Mad Hatter spice tea 
Detox tea
Energy Adjust tea
and so many more!